October 2013 will be a month that no one will remember as the one that saw the release of a new Surface, and Windows 8.1. Today, is an Apple event that will captivate everyone’s mind for at least three weeks.

Who cares about Windows?

You? me. But not many more. People want to be popular. Owning a Surface is like driving a Skoda. It has got the same engine as a Volkswagen, does the same thing, but you’ve got to justify yourself. What people see in the Surface is something that doesn’t have apps, and therefore, is completely useless in today’s world dominated by a dozen crucial apps monopolizing peoples’ time.

The release of the Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8.1 have a few things in common:

  • Not a lot care about them
  • They have got a limited impact on their respective markets
  • They are good products
  • They have a start button

I’ve been using a Surface Pro for 10 months now, it has been my primary device for nearly three¹. Yet, I have been able to play (Age Of Empire HD), work (on Netbeans) and do most things I like with a computer. Bar a few annoying issues (like the hardware home button that stopped working for a while with the Win 8.1 preview), I know the Surface first gen will follow me for a while.

I understand that its MacBook Air price point is not inviting users to give it a go, still, I wonder what users want in life. Be fucking cool or use products that can actually do things.

The fact that Surface is not doing well is not a consequence of the superiority of its competitors. The fact Windows 8.1 is just a detail in people’s life is not either. The hardware is solid, the software has never been so good.

What the hell, then?

Let’s not talk of innovation, or quality, ecosystem and all that bullshit. It’s down to one thing. We are massively irrational.

¹against my will, my desktop being in a box due to a house move taking some time…