Sub $100 smartphones are already common these days, but at this price, hard to get a Galaxy S4. What’s cool with the near future, is that smartphones as good as the S4 will cost less than $100 sooner than we think, and why not less than $50? An operating system like Android, or based on Android will allow a multitude of manufacturer to give birth to new concepts, that will mostly share one common factor: style.

I bought my Lumia 820 because I knew I could put a bright yellow case onto it. When current high end smartphones will cost nothing, I will change phone daily. Having 5 or 6 smartphones like having 5 or 6 cheap watches will be possible, and that day is not too far away when we see stylish – still expensive – projects emerging, here and there.

Currently valued for their features more than for their design (come on…) smartphones will become pure accessories. They will.