I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro two weeks ago. I’m very happy with the move so far, and will try to give some objective feedback, alongside with some pure Microsoft fanboyism.

First touch on the Surface Pro

When I saw the Surface RT was released I sold my iPad2 to get it. The RT was looking good but I was concerned by the lack of support for legacy software; if I get a Windows tablet, I may as well make sure I can run x86 software on it… I waited for a couple of months and bought the Pro after having seen it demoed in a San Francisco mall. No way you can get the RT after having seen this HD screen! When I got home with the combo Keyboard + Surface Pro I felt the same as when I bought my first laptop. I was not amazed but felt I could do a lot on this device. Main drawback: I still wonder if spending more than $500 on a tablet was a good idea…

Very quickly, I asked myself what I had just bought

A tablet? A PC? A tablet PC? Hard to tell due to the flexibility of the Microsoft device. I love using it at home, because I’m never too far from the charger; Being on the go very quickly reminded me how good the iPad2 was, although having an integrated keyboard is a real plus when used on a table. I also think the use of One Note combined with the stylus is brilliant to start thinking again while using a machine. Watching HD videos on the Web is a pure pleasure, and I’m not even talking about flash videos running perfectly in the full browser of your choice. It feels like there is no limit to this device, because at the end of the day, the Surface pro remains a PC, a true one.

If we can find loads of arguments against Windows 8 for desktop, it becomes harder to do so with the Surface; Windows 8 makes so much sense on the device. It’s a real pleasure to flick through screens, switch between apps – although, there is always this awkward moment when your end up on the legacy desktop without really knowing why. Fortunately the well thought UI allows multiple routes to get to achieve the same task – not really something I felt on iOS…

Up until now, I can just say it’s a huge thing to surf the web with a real browser, code in a real notepad, launch apps ending with *.exe, etc. Some annoyances have however risen, with for instance a relatively unreliable magnetic power connection, poorly setup out-of-the-box power plans and last but not least: a very an