This is what Gruber says about iOS7. It’s marvelous to see that even to most biased writers can sometimes be constructive. iOS7’s minor letdowns show that Apple’s products have entered a good enough era. Don’t get me wrong, Apple is – more than ever – an amazing machine, with many talents, brilliant products, and a devoted crowd of irrational enthusiasts. They will change modern computing again, again, and again. Fool are those claiming otherwise.

But that doesn’t mean Apple products’ quality will remain above standard.

Gruber sarcastically wonders why customers facing issues with an iOS device stay with Apple, rather than go to the competition. According to him, this is because Apple knows best how to keep their customers happy, and does it so well people stick. Magic formula:

Your product is broken, don’t worry, we’ll swap that. And yes, it’s free and damn easy.

Who would be insane enough to leave for the competition when one gets free stuff from Apple without trying too much? Countless Apple users praise the firm’s customer service just because they had a product replaced without really asking for it.

What they don’t want to understand, or mention, is that they initially had a big enough issue to be forced to go back to Apple to get it fixed. To me, that means at least one thing: When you buy an Apple product, you buy an insurance with a free toy. If the latter breaks, you get a new one, and subsequently get hooked on support, whilst praising Apple’s impressive customer service rather than ranting about their product failing on you.

I can’t figure if this is good or not, but surely this confirms 1 Infinite Loop is home of a couple of geniuses.