The iPad sales are not in their best shape, this is old news. Now, it could be even worse, with competition coming from the iPhone itself. The iPhone 6 Plus, falling in the phablet segment, is just a little smaller than an iPad Mini. It brings comfort and a tablet-like UX. If you buy an iPhone 6 plus now, would you buy an iPad to watch movies, read books and play games? In 2010, when the iPad came out, it was clear that bringing a bigger screen was a strong USP, and that’s why many millions were sold – and are still selling. But now, one would think twice, especially considering the 6’s price tag. The only thing missing on the iPhone, is the iPad-specific UI of some apps. Bar this, why on earth would you buy the same device twice?

Some iPad owners are apparently jumping off, and are selling their tablets to subsidize an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Even though this is not proving anything, I find it interesting and wonder how the iPad event – due on the 16th – will impact this possible trend.

Some observers made the same call, a bit earlier this year.

After all, a 5.5-inch phone is in many ways closer to a tablet than it is to a smartphone. In talking with hundreds of iPhone 6 Plus owners for a recent story, a common refrain I heard from many was that “the iPhone 6 is going to make me use my iPad mini less.”

“The iPad mini may continue to be popular in schools, where the price tag is less than that of the larger tablet and there’s no need for cellular data capabilities. But I honestly wonder if the iPad mini has a future.”

Now, if you look at the dropping difference between the biggest iPhone sold, and the smallest iPad sold per year, you can see that for customers focusing on screen size only, the choice of the iPhone is becoming more and more obvious.

Smallest iPad vs Biggest iPhone screen size difference

Of course, screen size is not the only factor taken into account in the choice for an iOS device, but – like disk space – it remains one of the most important and simplest to understand. For those seeking a big screen and having a limited budget, buying a bigger phone is a great solution, as the argument for getting a second device in order to have a bigger screen is getting less compelling year on year.

The iPhone is slowly pushing the iPad away, the same way it happened for the iPod. Though of course, like the iPod, the iPad is far from being discontinued.