Disclaimer : Mobgenerator is currently offline.

Branding is always a difficult one. Should we go for an abstract name or an industry related name? I honestly quite like the abstract solution, but admire companies who choose to go for a combination of industry keywords.

Combining mobile keywords to come up with a decent name seems to be the preferred naming approach in the mobile advertising industry, and most particularly amongst ad networks. As strategy that led to relatively decent names at the beginning (starting with Ad, and finishing with a mobile related keyword) but is now going in every direction, with names that, let’s be honest are quite funny. I won’t cite any here because I do work with a lot of them, but I thought a little tribute would be fair enough.

I’ve therefore created mobgenerator, a tool that will illustrate the above and allow you to generate the ultimate mobile ad network name.

Technical notes

Nothing special about mobgenerator, it’s mostly using php/jquery/html. The site should be working cross device, let me know if you spot anything wrong.


Any resemblance with any network is purely due to the randomness of mobgenerator’s algorithm. If you really create an ad network using the tool, you’ll get a mention here, with my respect.