Last week, I discovered the neat little app Yo. Since then, my life has changed, I’m getting more and more popular on a daily basis. And this is for a reason, Yo is a powerful take on social media and social messaging. Expect Yo to be mentioned in any future report involving Whatsapp, Line and WeChat. Yo is growing, and Yo is damn simple. Instead of thinking too much before doing anything, you can just tap your contacts’ name to Yo them. Yo them to grab a coffee, Yo them to wake them up, Yo them to say I love you. Yo them to discuss the meaning of life. Yo them to say yo. Yo has many meanings. Like every upcoming platform, Yo is a marketing El dorado, as neither Coca-Cola nor Candy Crush have an active profile yet. Yo is such an amazing platform I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been noticed by the very best of the Growth Hacking community yet. On top of this, Yo has managed something rather powerful by publishing its API on Medium, allowing anyone to read their API between two long reads. But wait a sec… how can you take advantage of the burgeoning Yoer crowd?

1 – Engage with your users

Create a Yo profile (note to’s lawyers, Candy is taken), add a Yo button linking to your profile ( Now, just wait for users to come, if you’re lucky, you will become what SHAQ was to Twitter : a recommended Yo profile. The next step is simple : Yo your users to break the ice, and start the conversation.

2 – Save on Community Management costs

Because Yoing people is just taping on a button, you can save a lot on Community Management costs. No need to hire anyone, or to get clever with visuals and sweepstakes. No organic reach problem, no backlash (at worse, customers will re-YO you, which is OK if you don’t know the context).

3 – Save on localization

One of the most annoying things today’s marketers have to deal with is localization. You have an amazing English copy idea, and those bloody French and German translations just don’t fit in 140 characters. With Yo, this problem is gone. Thanks to Yo, you can reach 200+ countries with one message. With Yo, there is no innuendos, your brand message remains intact. Yo is goodness.

4 – Launch new products

How many disgruntled brand creators have discovered the terrible truth when Tweeting about their new products, hash-tagging whatever can be to get heard, at least by some bots? With Yo, this isn’t a problem any more! If you have followed points 1 to 3 of this Growth Hacking with Yo blog post, you already have a steady, active and engaged Yoer-base. Now, it’s just the case of telling your Yoers about your new product. You’re launching a spread betting app? Yo them. You’re launching an B2B SaaS solution to monitor cloud servers, Yo them. You’re launching a Yo app clone ? Yo them. You’re launching Half-Life 3 ? Yo them (noticed how Y has three branches?). Yo is for just about anything.

5 – Drive more sales

Across my previous Yo user acquisition campaigns, I have noticed through analysis of my big data that Yo users were mostly 25-34 y.o. males with high income and interest in eCommerce, repetitively buying virtual coins, clicking stuff and reading white papers. So, basically, Yo is an aquarium full of whales. Segmenting further, it appeared that Yoers like to be Yoed in the morning, just before work, and after 6pm, when they are home and have time to engage with your Yo’s. To finish, I have one advice for you : Never Yo someone twice about the same product, they could report you as Yo-spam. If you follow these rules, and correctly Yo about your products, you can expect an increase of 13 to 37% in sales.